Publication Frequency: Two issues per year

The Oxford Journal of Intelligent Decision and Data Science (ISSN 2366-9934) serves as a vehicle for a rapid dissemination of timely and important results positioned at the junction of the areas of intelligent decision-making and Data Science. The ultimate aim is to bring recent advances in the dynamically expanding and synergistic area including its fundamentals, algorithmic developments, and applications. It supports the integration of theoretical and practical results leading to advanced applications. The journal establishes an international forum and aims to address the needs of the academic community as well as to appeal to practitioners and graduate students by publishing time-to-time review material and surveys. It serves as a platform fostering comparisons, extensions, and innovative applications.

Several categories of manuscripts are considered including regular papers, correspondences, reviews, and case studies.

With the advent of data mining, data analysis, and Big Data, Data Science has emerged as important and timely pursuits with a well-defined research agenda. Data Science and Intelligent Decision are inherently intertwined and build solid synergistic interactions formed with the aid of mutually beneficial linkages. Data Science comes with a plethora of methodologies and tools supporting prudent sifting through mountains of data and facilitating a discovery of facts and relationships justified by the data but also exhibiting value to the user and decision-maker. Decision-making strategies, which form a core of intelligent decision-making pursuits, center around human-oriented decision processes carried out in a sound and justifiable manner and supported by available knowledge produced by processes supported by Data Science. Human-centricity is of paramount importance to the buildup of the coherent yet diversified discipline embracing methodologies and techniques of modern decision sciences, data mining, fuzzy sets, neurocomputing and uncertainty management.


  • Intelligent systems
  • Intelligent decision in life science
  • Decision making with uncertainty
  • Intelligent and fuzzy control
  • Computing with words
  • Soft and linguistic computations
  • Optimization problems with uncertainty
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery
  • Neurocomputing and neural network
  • Bio-Mathematics
  • Finance mathematics
  • Industrial mathematics
  • Fuzzy logic and systems
  • Fuzzy set-based applications and case studies