Volume 2011

A Series Solution of the Cauchy Problem for Turing Reaction-diffusion Model
A. Shidfar, L. Päivärinta, A. Molabahrami
Volume 2011, Year 2011 Article ID cna-00062, 11 pages
Published: 24 December 2011

Heat and Mass Transfer from MHD Flow over a Moving Permeable Cylinder with Heat Generation or Absorption and Chemical Reaction
Ali J. Chamkha
Volume 2011, Year 2011, Article ID cna-00109, 20 Pages
Published: 21 December 2011

The Regularization-Homotopy Method for the Linear and Non-linear Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind
Abdul-Majid Wazwaz
Volume 2011, Year 2011, Article ID cna-00105, 11 Pages
Published: 13 November 2011

A numerical study on reaction-diffusion problem using radial basis functions
K. Parand, S. Kazem, A.R. Rezaei
Volume 2011, Year 2011, Article ID cna-00104, 11 Pages
Published: 25 October 2011