Publication Frequency from 2015 onwards

Two issues per year

How to send your manuscript to us

Manuscripts should be uploaded by one of the authors online via the ISPACS OMSTS (Online Manuscript Submission and Tracking System). The manuscript is then assessed for its suitability for publication in accordance with the peer review principle. During the entire assessment process the author in question who has submitted the manuscript remains in contact with the journal’s editorial office. If you have any technical problems uploading, contact ISPACS service team through omsts(at)

Requirements and conditions

The submitting author must be authorized by co-authors to act on their behalf to submit the manuscript.

The submitting author confirms that

  • All listed authors have contributed significantly to the submitted manuscript.
  • All authors who have contributed significantly to the submited manuscript are listed.
  • The order of authors listed in the submitted manuscript has been approved by all authors.
  • The submitted manuscript has been read and approved by all authors.
  • The submitted manuscript does not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.
  • There are no conflicts of interest associated with the submitted manuscript and the results of the submitted manuscript have not been influenced by any financial support.
  • All financial sponsors and their roles for the submitted manuscript appear on the submitted manuscript.

The submitted manuscript should conform to academic standards. The authors affirm that the submitted manuscript has not been published hitherto and is not currently undergoing assessment at any other publisher. The submitting author affirms that all the authors involved with the manuscript have agreed to its publication. The authors give their consent in principle to possible amendments to the manuscript to improve its legibility.

Manuscript Publishing Charges

Communications on Advanced Computational Science with Applications does not currently require any Manuscript Publishing Charges.

Peer Review

All manuscripts are assessed in accordance with the peer review principle. For more details see the Editorial Workflow of this journal.

The manuscript should contain the following information

Title of the work and information about the authors (full names, academic affiliation and email addresses of the authors)


The manuscript should include a brief summary of the subject matter as an abstract with a maximum length of 150 words. It should not contain quotes.


The introduction should be brief and not contain any subheadings.


Acknowledgements are placed at the end of the work but before the references.


The authors guarantee that the information in the bibliography is complete and correct. The bibliography is sequentially numbered and quotes in the text should be marked with the appropriate number in square brackets.

Presentation of charts

Charts should appear within the main section of the manuscript and have a descriptive title. Measurements should be specified in the column heading.

Publication of the manuscript

Abstract and References will be published in HTML. The Full Text will be published as PDF only.

The objective of the journal is to publish at least one manuscript per month. The number of published manuscripts per month depends on the manuscript backlog. There will be no certain date for the publication since there is no Issue. Manuscripts will be published “one at a time”. The publisher has the right to decide which accepted manuscripts are published with priority.

A DOI will be assigned to each published manuscript.

Each published manuscript will be archived in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.

Source Files

The source files (LATEX or Word and PDF) must be uploaded within the submission process.
To download the sample file please click here.


Open Access authors retain the copyright to their manuscripts and the publication of Open Access articles is subject to the conditions of the Creative Commons licence, which means an article may be used, disseminated and reproduced in any medium as long as it is correctly cited and the author's name is stated. Despite the possible use of generally descriptive names and copyright-protected names in this publication they continue to be protected by the appropriate statutory regulations.