International Scientific Publications and Consulting Services (ISPACS) is an open access publisher of scientific journals. ISPACS currently offers:
  • ISPACS Journals, whose policies are set by the ISPACS and the editor-in-chief.
  • Co-branded journals in cooperation with universities or scientific institutes.
  • Independent journals, managed by universities or scientific institutes and published by ISPACS.
Organizations that wish to inquire about a co-branded or independent journal, please contact info(at)ispacs.com.

All journals published by ISPACS are open access, meaning that publication fees are paid by the author and all materials are free of charge to readers. ISPACS acquires first-time, non-exclusive worldwide publication rights. Offering academic researchers an open-access venue for publishing their work allows them to increase citations and establish their academic reputation in an increasingly competitive publishing environment.

ISPACS follows a stringent peer review policy. Each article is first evaluated by the editor-in-chief for the originality and scientific rigor of its research. If it passes this first test, the editor-in-chief assigns at least two peer reviewers, to determine whether it meets the rigorous scientific standards, whether it requires revisions or whether it should be rejected. Only original material that meets ISPACS editorial standards will be published.